lazy diary keeping

I’ve dallied in journal writing before and I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who keeps an updated journal. I even kept a diary every day to record my last year as a teenager between my 19th and 20th birthdays and I could say that went very well because out of 365 I only completely forgot one day. When I moved to London I battled with the idea of journaling because on the one hand I would have so many new experiences to record but on the other shouldn’t I be spending all my time doing things instead of writing them down? Journaling and even blogging moved to the back of my mind for those first months and now I am finally ready to commit to some sort of record keeping, but not just in any normal diary.

I found the Keel’s Simple Diary at the Design Museum and I absolutely love it’s laid back approach to journaling. Created by an artist it asks you to finish sentences, tick boxes, draw, do word association and many other strange things. Sometimes I don’t bother making it relevant to what happened that day and sometimes I do, but it’s really good for those days that nothing really happens.

exhibition marathon

It may seem excessive, and I’ll admit it is, but I did go to 5 different exhibitions in one day. To say I was exhausted at the end of it would be a gross understatement but it was incredibly rewarding. Some exhibitions stood out more than others and some I just went to because I’ve accepted the mentality that if I can get in for free, why the hell not!

I very much enjoyed the Henri Matisse Cut Outs at Tate Modern and the Fashion World of JPG at Barbican. I’d wanted to go to Bailey’s Stardust for a while and it was very interesting and Veronese and Strange Beauty at the National Gallery were my last stops and those exhibitions I just went to for the hell of it. I enjoyed Strange Beauty more than Veronese, but that’s a whole other story.

I’ve been to ten exhibitions (some revisits) in the last week! I added up what I would have paid if I didn’t have my V&A staff pass to get in and it would have been…£129!! The reality is I wouldn’t have spent that money anyway because I wouldn’t have gone to all of those exhibits. I probably wouldn’t have paid to go to any except Matisse and possibly Bailey’s Stardust. For someone who has been a student for a very long time and is now on an internship (paid but you know what that means) I can’t afford to go to all these wonderful exhibitions so entry price can be quite restrictive so I guess that gives you a very good reason why I’ve run an exhibition marathon!

architecture fanatic

If you follow me on Instagram (and if not then you should…right here) you may have noticed that I have a fondness for architecture and I post a lot of photos of buildings. Can you blame me in a beautiful city like London? Here are a few of my favourites from my recent long long walks around town.

tulips tulips everywhere

Tulips are my favourite flower and spring in London has been really exciting for me because they are just everywhere! I’ve never seen so many tulips in public places before, Perth isn’t really the right climate for them so here they thrive and it just makes me so happy.

full time exhibition-goer

With any job you have to deal with a lot of paperwork, it’s all a matter of keeping it under control. It might differ slightly for people who frequent exhibitions because there’s always such nice things to take away. It took everything in me not to take one of every ‘In The Making‘ pamphlet although after reading through the ones I did get (Macbook Pro, £2 commemorative coin & S Stock Underground train) I wish I had because they are really interesting! I’m a sucker for exhibition brochures and I have a box (not yet full) of it because I like to take a trip back and remember the exhibitions I’ve seen.

Over the weekend I visited the new shows up at The Photographers Gallery, the Richard Hamilton retrospective at Tate Modern and  the Designs of the Year 2014 & (revisited) Paul Smith shows at the Design Museum. The parts I enjoyed the most were Lorna Simpson and John Deakin at TPG, seeing multiple work I studied at Richard Hamilton (My Marilyn, The Large Glass, Chrysler etc. etc.) and finding more little nuances in the Paul Smith show (first seen on last day of extension, now re-extended forever I assume). The best thing is I can go back to the paid exhibitions again if I need to (usually a second look is very rewarding) because I get in for free thanks to my V&A employment. Working there is rewarding on so many levels.

Enough chatter, here are some snaps I took during my art & design adventure.

Physical memories

Richard Hamilton's Treatment Room

The view from Tate Modern

Design award contender

Karl Lagerfeld drawing in the Paul Smith show

A nice view after a long day walking and looking at things

meet monty

If you think you’ve seen the most beautiful cat in the world before, prepare to have your mind changed. Monty belongs to the family I’m currently living with and it will be so hard to leave him as we’ve formed a good bond. I know just where he loves a tummy scratch and he knows how to open my door to meow at me, true love? I think so.

life’s a beach

So I hear that the 2014 Sculpture by the Sea is on at Cottesloe and because I’m so up to date with my film developing here are photos from last years exhibition!

Photos taken with my Olympus Trip 35 (I think) on Lomography Redscale film.