around london: three (instax)

I had four shots left in my instax mini (90 Neo Classic…such a mouthful) so I went somewhere I had never been before and took TWO whole photos. That place was St Johns Wood, it is rather lovely and I will go back again. After I had wandered around a bit I thought it was such a lovely day that I’d keep on walking, down through Regents Park and I ended up at the Wallace Collection (which is about 3km, not so casual wander). Anyway, I used up the final shots on a doorway which I enjoyed looking at and a lovely church. The film is tinged with yellow, not sure why, but it had been sitting in the camera for a while. As with all film accidents, this is yet another happy one.

portraits of culture: 1/6

The idea for this project was to shoot a single roll of 35mm film, 36 shots, of the buildings which house the immense collections, exhibitions and knowledge in London. I was most interested in looking at the outside and how it compares, or contrasts, to what is held inside. 36 photos in 6 parts, all taken with my Olympus Trip 35 camera on Agfa Vista 400 film.

National Gallery – National Portrait Gallery – London Transport Museum
The British Museum – Victoria & Albert Museum – Natural History Museum

All photos © Jennifer Schussler

around london: two

A few weeks ago there was a festival on Regent Street celebrating the history of design on London transport. A few years ago I bought a book called London Underground by Design & absolutely loved it, so I was there in a heartbeat. In addition to some photos from that day are some other snapshots from the same roll of film.

Photos taken with my Olympus Trip 35 on Lomography 400 film.